Christmas party tide play wig

Lead: Christmas season contrast wig to create a surprise beauty! Usually long hair gentle you can choose a handsome short hair, usually short Vince you can also choose a sexy lazy long hair, self-retrofit, let friends on the Party I am looking at you…

PART.1 Exquisite nude ladies


The white-collar workers who work very busy at nine to five, the simplest way to make a refreshing look at the Christmas party is to choose a wig. The image of the office worker is usually a savvy person. Please choose a bangs and a brown wig with a smooth texture. This will make you look too big and not too big.

Christmas party tide play wig

It is best to choose a medium long hair, suitable for colleagues and Leadership party. Of course, the makeup is based on nature, if you don’t want to cause embarrassment and suspicion. If you are short hair, wear the hair net directly, use a small clip to fix it, then put on the wig and fix the perimeter. Long-haired, you need to Christmas bundle the ponytail in the back of the brain, tighten the ponytail part and fix it with a lot of small clips, then put on the hair net, put on the wig, adjust it according to the distance between the eyebrow and the bangs. can.

PART.2 dark night black and fierce fashion devil head

Most of the fashionable ladies have long curly hair, so let us change the normal to create surprises. Dark (black coffee / black purple) short hair is a representative of fashion, fresh and refined to cool is the root of fashion. This dark short hair is perfect for black attire and dark black eye makeup and nude lip color, although the cool blush can be weighted under the cheekbones. It is low-key, deep, and sharp in the crowd, which is very Christmas suitable for occasions with high fashion. If you have long hair, puncture it into a ponytail on the back of the head, then tightly wrap it around with a small clip, and if necessary, mix it with wax to make it smooth and firm. Put on the hair net, fix it around, and wear a wig.

PART.3 Gold and Silver Charm Nostalgic Hollywood Party Superstar

A light (linen) over-the-ear wig can create a nostalgic Hollywood image, suitable for a time-honored nostalgic theme party. With a thick black eyeliner, false eyelashes and red lips, you must be the queen of the party. (How to wear the same as above)

PART.4 Sweet Pink Romantic Dancing Night Elf

The short hair of a girl with short hair is not a one-off event. A long wig with a strong sense of hierarchy can fully satisfy your ambitions for aesthetics. Change your style in the Christmas season to show your multi-facetedness in front of your comrades! Light brown is appropriate, it does not look heavy and young and real.

You can go to the wig shop to pick a wig with such a small volume and then DIY it. (When the method is the same as above, short hair) You just need to twist the whole wig into a slap, then Christmas cut each strand of hair from 1/3 to the tip of the hair, and then shake it all after cutting it. Follow the procedure for wearing a wig: hair net, fixed, wig. Then you will find that the hairstyle that I designed and made is so fashionable and innovative.