hair accessories

Variety wigs and hair color hair accessories

Lead: Many girls want to change their hair styles at the same time, but they don’t know how to bring wigs to be natural fashion. How to mix them with hair accessories, let wig models teach you today, both show fashion wig hair color, but also have various Ingenious combination of hair accessories

Reddish brown + black hair hoop

Fluffy short curly hair is full of smart fashion, red-brown wig with black flower headband for you to create punk style, nightclub queen is you.

Cocoa coffee + red and black striped headband

The sweet cocoa coffee long egg roll head is a cute hairstyle that girls hair accessories love after 90s. If you want to add a cute feeling, you can match this red and black striped headband.

Cocoa brown + brown hair band

hair accessories

Variety wigs and hair color hair accessories

The long hair of the fluffy micro-volume is also a wig style with a very girly taste. The brown hair band is similar to the hair color, and the consistent color has a deep layer, which brings out hair accessories the low-key feeling of Sven.

Coffee gold + red and white wave headband

Coffee gold long hair brings you Korean fashion style, with red and white polka dot bow headbands, highlighting the lively girly atmosphere, the first choice.

Bright brown + white beret

Bright brown hair is very eye-catching, making the texture of hair accessories large curls more prominent. The white beret and the bright brown curls give a fresh contrast and temperament.

Honey Gold + Coffee Butterfly Dot Hoop

Bee gold is not too eye-catching, brown and white wave nodding hoops set off a sweet and mature taste, coupled with this long pear head is more charming.