Long hair wig wearing method illustration

The wig is not easy to wear, the long curly hair wig is even harder to wear, but the unique charm of the long curly hair is really difficult to stop. Today, I will teach you to wear a Hair Extensions long curly hair wig, so that you can instantly become a charming long curly girl! Come and learn soon!

Long hair wig

How about this long curly hair wig is very realistic after wearing it? Come learn how to wear a long wig!

Long curly hair wig wearing method illustration:

Step 1: The long hair bangs and the hair on both sides, curled with a curling iron according to the curl of the wig.
Step 2: Liu Hai, the hair on both sides is separated, and the remaining hair is tied into a ponytail.

Step 3: temporarily fix the long hair on Hair Extensions both sides of the bangs with a hairpin
Step 4: Take out the most prepared mesh headgear.

Step 5: Put the pony tail into the mesh headgear.
Step 6: The pony tail is caught in the mesh headgear.

Step 7: Fix the bun with a black Hair Extensions hair clip.
Step 8: Take out the wig and sort it out.

Step 9: Attach the wig to the mesh headgear.
Step 10: Adjust the wig slightly and fix it.

Step 11: Gently separate the wigs by hand.
Step 12: Make sure the wig is fixed.

Step 13: Take a thin hair and use a comb to Hair Extensions scrape down.
Step 14: Use a comb to comb the front hair back and press the cover of the wig.

Step 15: Slightly tidy up the bangs and curls.
Step 16: Combing the curls with the real hair with a comb and hand to make the whole hairstyle more natural.

Before the wig, it is relatively fresh, but with a wig, it looks more sweet and tempting, and the overall temperament has improved a lot!