The most beautiful pear flower wig recommended Fresh and wild makes you beautiful

Pear flower head has been the trend of hair style that has pear flower wig been continuing to heat for the past few years, and definitely has a certain status in the hair style. In general, the pear head is very natural and versatile because it only has a perm tail and bangs, so it is very popular among everyone.

The most beautiful pear flower wig recommended

I has collected some very classic and beautiful pear head wig hairstyles for pear flower wig you. Come and see for you!

The most basic model of a pear head wig, natural black color thickening and bangs design, hair tail is slightly lighter pear buckle, very natural and pure, suitable for students and sisters.

Pear flower wig

This pear head wig has a large curl at the end of the hair, and the full volume of the hair is very beautiful.

The wig of this wig is a little more special. The curl of the tail is somewhat similar to the traditional large roll, with a large roll on the left and right sides, which is very convenient for care and also increases the bulkiness.

Very special pear head wig, from the ear to pear flower wig the end of the hair is hot and fluffy, full of air, the model will be banged up to reveal the bright forehead, it is extraordinarily elegant atmosphere.

The most beautiful pear flower wig recommended

It is still a medium-length pear flower wig. It is also pear flower wig characterized by a fluffy start earlier, and the curl of the tail adds a natural small volume element. The Qi Liu design is very sweet.

And the wig with the same color of the Pear Head wig, from dark brown to light brown, is it more youthful and playful?

This long pear head wig does not have the usual medium and long length, oblique bangs design, the tail is a classic pear flower buckle and a light small rollover. It is also a wig that is very versatile.