Wig recommended the first wave of fashion wigs

If you don’t say it, can you not see it as a wig? This wig uses the fashion wigs most natural hair color and is very close to the normal hair volume design. Naturally, the bangs and the hair ends are really fake.

fashion wigs

Air-style thin bangs, fluffy waves, reddish hair color, this fashion wig is very Korean, wearing a wool cap in the cold winter, warm and stylish.

Wig recommended the first wave of fashion wigs

Still a natural fluffy wig, naturally messy, with fashion wig relatively professional clothes, the image of the workplace beauty immediately came out.

A fashion wig suitable for students and sisters, light and thin bangs, hair tail is a classic natural pear flower hot.

Very fashionable wig with a very cute age, regular fashion wig bangs, regular waves, immediately turned into a cute girl.

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