egg roll wig

Korean style egg roll wig

Guide: The most age-receiving Korean egg-neck wig, the girl who egg roll wig likes the egg-shaped hair type is here!

If the girls like the egg roll type, let’s take a look at the Korean style wig hair wigs brought by the following, super nice, age-reducing fashion.

NO.1: Korean style Qi Liu long hair roll head

A Korean-style long hair wig wig, the bangs cut in front, gives the impression that there is a kind of sweet feel, long corn perm hair scattered on the shoulder, super beautiful.

After the hot dyed corn perm, the fluffy feel is very shabby! A side face, smile back, charming! Very age-reducing hairstyle.

NO.2: Korean brown long hair egg head

Korean style egg roll wig

egg roll wig

A brown hair dyed, full of trend, Korean style, long corn perm, fluffy, cheeks inside the hair, very refreshing effect.

Qi Liu Hai, sweet and full, age-old and repaired egg roll wig, like it, come in and see it!

NO.3: Korean style egg roll wig

The most Korean-style egg-neck wig with age-reducing effect, the cut bangs, is very sweet, dark brown hair color, is a fashion trend, with a buckled tail design, exquisite small face highlights!

A random movement in front of the camera can attract the attention of others! Do the girls like this egg roll wig?

NO.4: Korean style egg roll short hair wig

A little messy hair, an inexplicable messy beauty! The short hair of the hot hair, the whole style looks like a taste, trend, personality.

Korean-style egg roll short hair wig, age-reducing effect is also very good, but also very face-lifting, age-reducing and face-lifting, how can the girls not like it?

Really very good egg wigs! If you see something you like, just get started!