Wig hair

Wig hair curling hairstyle

The fluffy texture on the side and the lustrous luster will not wig hair make the hairstyle look messy. The brown hair color will bring out the whiteness of the skin and show the beautiful temperament.

big curly hair

Some masquerades will need to dye their hair styles with individual colors, but they may be unrealistic at ordinary times. The fluffy pink hair is thick and curly, and the bangs are cute and cute.

short curly hair

Qi Liu Hai showed a cute face, while the pretty short curly hair style, fluffy texture wig hair makes the face look even smaller, with a beautiful temperament, for a small girl, very suitable.

Wig hair curling hairstyle

double braided hair

Wig hair

Long braided hair style will not only waste time but also the length of your hair may not be enough. Choose a fluffy texture with double hair style and Qi Liu, with a rural girl style.

spiral curls

The spiral hair style will also be difficult to maintain as it is, especially the wig hair longer the hair style is more difficult to maintain because of the gravity of the hair style. If you choose a spiral wig, it is easy to make the hair style.


For those who like to dye hair, if the color is not correct, it will look very unsightly, or if the time is long, the hair will be pudding, it will be very unsightly, Qi Liuhai’s brown fluffy wig, sweet and lovely There is a pure feel.