Fashion Wig

Fashion wig hairstyle design

Frequent hair styles will always make your hair worse and worse, so fashion wig sometimes the girls still have to give their hair a fake, it will always be good to take a break, this time the  hair extensions sister paper If you want to make a hairstyle, Xiaobian recommends that you choose a wig you like, which is convenient and practical, and does not hurt your hair.

Fashion Wig hair style recommendation Variety design change

Wig one:

The refreshing dew hair design is the perfect expression of the girl’s exquisite facial features, while the wig-like shoulder-length pear head perm is more lively and cute, and there is also a simple face-lifting effect.

Wig 2:


A gentle and feminine style of 2015 fashion wig hair styling, with a slightly eccentric wig slanted bangs hair style design, and with a long hair style of the rich pear head perm design to add a full gentle gentle lady style.

Wig three:

The sister papers that are hesitant between short hair and long hair can try fashion wig this simple and practical wig wave hair style. The simple Qi Liu Hai hair style and the brown wig wave hair style in the form of the buckle are equally lively and lovely.