BOBO head wigs

BOBO head wigs

In the summer, the girls who wear the little skirts are all refreshingly refreshed. It’s a great pity that you have a beautiful dress and you don’t have a matching hairstyle. So, in this romantic season, want to BOBO head wigs make yourself a big change? Abandon the old and boring image and have your own style. Come and see the amazing hair style show of our pink makiyo beauty fan! Guarantee your cuteness UP!

A wide hair band, a naive and awkward smile, makes you feel good and unforgettable.

The improved version of Qi Liuhai BOBO head, hair tail is very stylish, breaking the dull feeling of the traditional BOB head, temperament charming, brown bow wide headband makes the Korean wig sweetness double. A beautiful and pure dress, the beauty of the jade is so prominent.

Big-frame glasses are full of scent, and you don’t want to keep a low profile. The floral will make makiyo independent and bold and perform quite well! Especially suitable for going out to play.

BOBO head wigs

Variety wig to achieve a playful cute little woman model BOBO head wig

Qi Liuhai BOBO head wigs, with glasses naturally there will be a jazz fan, long pearl necklace is very versatile.

Divided into two bundles, the small floral color with color brings a strong visual impact, sweet and lovely. Interesting colors interpret makiyo’s cuteness quite well. Beautiful and full of flavor.

Bring a big bow, I feel very picky, full of calm, revealing the true color!

Wearing a pair of sunhats, the thick lady style, beautiful and moving, and some classical meaning.

Falling into the mortal fairy, the elegant skirt is very fan. Is it very BOBO head wigs sweet, you can also try it. This wig hairstyle and clothing is very versatile, no matter what the occasion is OK drops.

If you feel sultry in the summer, it is ok to tie up, and youth is lively. A bow on the side is more pink, full of healthy and bright. It is memorable.