cheap hair extensions

Cheap hair extensions

This side-by-side large roll of bangs is perfect for beauty, and the light brown long curly hair with a bright makeup makes it more cheap hair extensions delicate and sweet.

Model 2

Don’t put the shoulders on one side of the ear to reveal the delicate facial features, a felt hat, a pair of modern girl feel.

Model three

The medium straight hair straight hair has always cheap hair extensions been a girl’s favorite, this long straight hair looks more pure.

Cheap hair extensions Girls’ versatile wig hairstyles, simple fashion, not heavy

Model four

cheap hair extensions

The oblique bangs highlights the perfect face shape, while the tail hair is slightly upturned and cuts, giving a stylish wig hairstyle.

Model five

This Qi Liu Hai pear flower hair tail micro-curly type, instantly repairing a lot of age. Demonstrate the feminine atmosphere of a small woman.

Model six

The oblique bangs play a very good role in modifying the cheap hair extensions face shape, while the inner buckle has a tail and is stylish.

Model seven

This fluffy long curly hair wig shape is a good way to modify the face shape, making the facial features more prominent.

Model eight

In the middle of the plus romantic volume, sweet hair style to cheap hair extensions get a few minutes, no longer have to toss a long date for a date.