Bi-Fold door costs

Right Angled Bi Folding Doors
Right Angled Bi Folding Doors

Bi-fold doors have become increasingly popular in recent years. Once upon a time, French doors were seen as the ultimate luxury when it came to opening up the back of your Double Glazed property to the great outdoors.

Now, bi-fold doors create a much clearer and expansive feel, especially if you have decking or a large garden to look out onto.

The uses of bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors, in reality, carry out the same function as any patio door: they create a wider opening to the outdoor area behind a house.

However, their size and shape create more of a glass wall effect. This helps to create a blur between where the back of the home begins and ends.

The feel they often create is a luxurious one, as it creates the appearance of an open veranda, which is the perfect way to chill on those hotter days.


When it comes to the cost of your bi-fold doors, you have two options in terms of materials. You will have to pick from either aluminium or uPVC, with the former being more expensive for manufacturers.

The cost of your bi-fold doors will depend on their dimensions, and how many panels you are wanting to install. For example, a smaller-sized, three-panel door will start at around £1,650, whereas going up to five, with almost twice the height could see you paying £4,300.

These costs make the assumption that you are using uPVC and not aluminium. Opting for this more expensive material could see you adding an extra £700 or so to the total cost, but it has the benefit of lasting for a much longer time.

Why now?

It’s no secret that bi-fold doors are certainly in vogue. If you take a look at any architectural design programme, you will see them being added to extensions to add space and airflow.

Yet, despite the recent demand, they have become more affordable than ever. They’re even more affordable if you opt for uPVC versions, which means you will get a luxurious feel for a fraction of the price.

Because these are such a popular design feature, you will boost the kerb appeal of your home.

Anyone looking to renovate their garden should certainly consider these as a back door option as it will open up the home. Even if your home is a bit more traditional in design, you can find bi-fold doors to complement its general aesthetic.

Aluminium versions, in particular, would be an ideal way of harmonising your new bi-fold doors with your home’s original period features.

Brown Bi-Folding Doors

If you have been watching people install trendy bi-fold doors on home renovation programmes and think they’re far out of your budget, then think again.

Opting for plastic-based frames is just one way you can minimise the cost for the same appeal. On top of that, despite their popularity, they aren’t stratospherically expensive, which makes them uniquely accessible.

So, if you’re looking to extend or improve your home, then consider the benefits of adding bi-fold doors.

Single-storey extension ideas

Building a single storey extension
Building a single storey extension

Single-storey extensions are perfect for those who want to add value and save money. They can be the perfect solution for opening up a kitchen, adding a study, or even adding a spare guest bedroom.

If you were considering adding the extension as a way to access the property then you should definitely think about having a composite front door

Many people prefer to opt for single-storey extensions as they are unlikely to require planning permission, which is ideal for a project with minimal fuss.

So, if you’re currently browsing through colour swatches and taking measurements, here are some ideas for your extension.

Open plan living space

Single Storey Extension

This style of living blurs the line between the indoors and the outdoors. Instead of having a set of narrow, uPVC patio doors made to measure, the panes of glass have the option of opening out fully to create a semi-indoor semi-outdoor space.

This is perfect for long summer evenings if you like spending the rest of the day in the comfort of an armchair but still enjoying the fresh air.

The cost of this is a bit pricier, but it could be well worth it if you have a large area to work with, and you live for entertaining others throughout the year.

Self-contained cottage

The possibilities of an extension are limitless if you have the space and budget. You could, in fact, expand your single-storey extension to create a self-contained residence.

Adding a kitchen, bedroom and living quarters could make you the ultimate host for any guests who want to stay over.

It’s also perfect if you love to host a party, as you’ll not only be able to put guests up, but also have an entirely separate entertaining area.

Garage conversion

Garage Conversion

If you have a particularly large garage you never use, then this has the potential for a conversion.

If you desperately need the space, and you already have a parking space you utilise instead, then adapting your garage into a single-storey extension could be an incredibly clever way of harnessing what you already have.

Many people use their old garage space as a kitchen-diner, as this opens up the possibility for a large dining space that opens out into the garden.

A separate garden room

Garden Rooms

Who said an extension had to be attached to your home? Garden rooms are a bit of an abstract use of space, as they add an extra room, but in the midst of your outdoor space.

These could be great for hosting spaces, or maybe even a guest room if you have room for a little self-contained living space.

Adding a kitchen area could liven up your summer party festivities, and if its less than 50% of the floor size of your original home, you won’t need planning permission.

A single-storey extension, if planned well, could completely avoid the need for planning permission at all.

They could add some much-needed space to your home, and give you some air-flow throughout the home.

Whether you convert a garage, build a separate building or add onto your current home is completely up to you, but you will love the additional space that comes with building an extension.

Front porch extension ideas

Enclosed Front Porch

As we live in the United Kingdom, it’s safe to assume that most people will want a covered porch.

Open and screened porches are gorgeous additions in hotter regions of the United States and other countries; however, with so much rain, sleet, and fog in our winters, an open porch would be seldom used outside of summer.

Here are a few ideas for a covered, front porch in the UK, with a number of size and style considerations.

Deck chairs

While beach-style deck chairs might be a little bit kitsch for some people’s tastes, deck chairs refer literally to the act of adding some reclining chairs to your porch.

If you are lucky enough to have a large porch, which can wrap around the front of your property, then you have some room to play with.

Adding large, double-glazed windows to watch out of provides the perfect view to look out over. Wrap-around porches with deck chairs, and maybe even a coffee table for good measure, are perfect for country homes.

Useful storage

If you have minimal space for your porch, you will need to be clever about how you use your storage. Here are a few options to consider:

  • A table with multiple drawers: vertical-stacked drawers provide you with somewhere to hide keys, umbrellas and other front-door essentials.
  • Vertical shoe-racks are an ingenious way of saving space. If you have kids who are prone to chucking their shoes to the side when they get in, then get them into the habit of chucking them into a vertical shoe cabinet instead.
  • Coat pegs: better to opt for pegs rather than a rack when it comes to storing your items.

Add a glass roof

If your reason for adding an extension in the first place is to add a feeling of spaciousness to your home, then there are ways of adding to this using glass.

Opening up the roof of your porch extension by using glass will flood it with light and make it feel even roomier.

A burst of colour

While your porch extension may carry out a very practical purpose, it’s good to ensure that you still maintain at least a little bit of fun and playfulness with how it looks.

An all-white extension could feel Scandinavian and chic, or it could just feel a little too clean and dull.

Adding a coloured wall or pops of vibrancy through your storage features could help it to feel uniquely yours in terms of style.

Double doors

UK Porch with Double Doors

If you want a grand entrance to your home, then double doors could be an intriguing option to think about.

You will need planning permission for anything larger than three square foot of floor space, but if this is something that doesn’t phase you, then two clear double doors could add a bit of a wow-factor to the front of your home.

When it comes to adding a porch extension, have a think about how it will practically function for your home.

You will want to ensure that it can also partially function as a means of storing everyday belongings, as well as being easy on the eye and providing a break from your front door and the outdoors.