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Bi-Fold Door Costs

Right Angled Bi Folding Doors
Right Angled Bi Folding Doors

Bi-fold doors have become increasingly popular in recent years. Once upon a time, French doors were seen as the ultimate luxury when it came to opening up the back of your Double Glazed property to the great outdoors.

Now, bi-fold doors create a much clearer and expansive feel, especially if you have decking or a large garden to look out onto.

The uses of bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors, in reality, carry out the same function as any patio door: they create a wider opening to the outdoor area behind a house.

However, their size and shape create more of a glass wall effect. This helps to create a blur between where the back of the home begins and ends.

The feel they often create is a luxurious one, as it creates the appearance of an open veranda, which is the perfect way to chill on those hotter days.


When it comes to the cost of your bi-fold doors, you have two options in terms of materials. You will have to pick from either aluminium or uPVC, with the former being more expensive for manufacturers.

The cost of your bi-fold doors will depend on their dimensions, and how many panels you are wanting to install. For example, a smaller-sized, three-panel door will start at around £1,650, whereas going up to five, with almost twice the height could see you paying £4,300.

These costs make the assumption that you are using uPVC and not aluminium. Opting for this more expensive material could see you adding an extra £700 or so to the total cost, but it has the benefit of lasting for a much longer time.

Why now?

It’s no secret that bi-fold doors are certainly in vogue. If you take a look at any architectural design programme, you will see them being added to extensions to add space and airflow.

Yet, despite the recent demand, they have become more affordable than ever. They’re even more affordable if you opt for uPVC versions, which means you will get a luxurious feel for a fraction of the price.

Because these are such a popular design feature, you will boost the kerb appeal of your home.

Anyone looking to renovate their garden should certainly consider these as a back door option as it will open up the home. Even if your home is a bit more traditional in design, you can find bi-fold doors to complement its general aesthetic.

Aluminium versions, in particular, would be an ideal way of harmonising your new bi-fold doors with your home’s original period features.

Brown Bi-Folding Doors

If you have been watching people install trendy bi-fold doors on home renovation programmes and think they’re far out of your budget, then think again.

Opting for plastic-based frames is just one way you can minimise the cost for the same appeal. On top of that, despite their popularity, they aren’t stratospherically expensive, which makes them uniquely accessible.

So, if you’re looking to extend or improve your home, then consider the benefits of adding bi-fold doors.