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Our pet door fitters are always on hand to provide you with the best options for your needs. Our nationwide cat flap fitters are available to install pet flaps for your new pet as soon as you bring them home.

Cat Flap Services

Nothing is quite as heart breaking as the look of an animal who wishes to be outside but cannot. With our range of cat flaps, you can grant your faithful pets the ability to come and go as they please without pleading for you to open the door for them. Each of our products is specially engineered to fit the door, wall or panel they provide access through, and will thus preserve their draft-proofing and thermal efficiency.

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Cat Flap Fitters

Our cat flap fitters will grant your feline friend free access in and out of the house. These can be installed in any panel or door, including single glazing, double glazing, wood, uPVC and much more.

Dog Flap Fitters

Dog flap fitters are identical in configuration to cat flap fittings, except they are usually a fair amount larger. Whatever material your door or panel is made from, we can install this convenient portal for your loyal canine companion to traverse to and fro as they please.

Pet Door Fitters

We have ample experience serving a diverse clientele that sometimes includes 4-legged furry friends. We seek to offer solutions that are at once sensitive to the needs of pets to go outside at will and to the needs of their owners for thermal efficiency.

Microchip Cat Flaps

While free access for pets may sound good at first, you may eventually find neighbourhood cats and critters come to call on your premises looking for food. You can prevent that unwanted entry while still granting your own pets access with a microchip cat flap. These systems usually allow for multiple designated animals to come and go, while keeping everything else firmly outside.

2-way Cat Flaps

A 2-way cat flap offers a simple choice between “locked” and “unlocked” configurations. While this is a rudimentary solution, it is quite cost-effective.

4-way Cat Flaps

Improving upon the binary nature of 2-way cat flaps, 4-way variants allow for “locked,” “unlocked,” “in-only,” and “out-only” options. This is useful for adjusting the lock to the time of day and thus the cyclical habits of your pet’s comings and goings.

Magnetic Cat Flaps

As the name would imply, the locking mechanism of this type of cat flap is manipulated by a magnet. This system responds to a passive collar key that is worn by your cats, which opens the flap lock when in close proximity.

Dog Doors

We have a wide variety of dog doors to choose from that range in complexity and price. We’ll help you identify your needs, as well as perform any installations you require.

Cat Flaps

We have a wide variety of dog doors to choose from that range in complexity and price. We’ll help you identify your needs, as well as perform any installations you require.

Pet Doors

We are sensitive to the needs of household pets to spend time in the outdoors, and aim to facilitate their happy, healthy lives with bespoke pet doors. These can be installed into panels or doors of nearly any material, and may feature different locking mechanisms.

Wall & Tunnel Cat Flaps

You may choose to install your cat flaps in a location other than a panel or door, such as a wall. While the thickness of a wall would be a problem for normal cat flaps, the tunnelled variety extend through the width of the wall to grant outdoor access to your cats.

Cat Flap Suppliers

We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of cat flaps. In fact, we are one of Britain’s leading suppliers of pet accessibility products.

Dog Flap Suppliers

No matter the size of your dog, we’ve got a dog flap that will make that trip to the back yard all the easier. Our options exist at all price points, and may have as many or as few features as you require.

Fit Cat Flap

While you may be tempted to adopt a DIY ethos fitting your cat flap, we make the process much easier. We’ve got the experience and equipment necessary to perfectly install your cat flap without damaging your home or compromising its thermal efficiency.

Glass Cat Flap

These cat flaps can be installed seamlessly into glass panes. If your glazing is double paned, the cat flap forms a seal so as to preserve its insulating properties.

Infra-red Cat Flaps

This type of cat flap remains locked to all creatures not wearing an infra-red ID collar. When your pet comes into proximity with the cat flap, it will trigger the locking mechanism, allowing your cat and only your cat free passage to the indoors.

Cat Flaps for uPVC/Metal Doors

There are as many types of cat flaps as there are doors to install them in. Even with specialised materials like uPVC and metal, a miniature entranceway can be installed for your furry friends with relative ease.

Wood Door Cat Flaps

As their name implies, wood door cat flaps are specially engineered to be used inside of a wooden door. The end result will be a seamless fit that both pet and owner will love.

Sliding/Patio Door Flaps

Even if you have a sliding patio door system installed in your home, we can modify it to include a cat flap. This miniature portal will blend seamlessly into your door, and will never interrupt the smooth sliding motion.

Single/Double Glazed Flaps

we carry a comprehensive range of cat flaps to fit any type of glazing. Whether your home is equipped with single or double-glazed doors, you can rest assured your cat flap will install cleanly without excess detriment to thermal efficiency.

Pet Doors Fitted

Our pet door products can be fitted to any residential wall, door or panel. We have the know-how and experience to affect a seamless install into your home.

Draft-proof Cat Flaps

Allowing your pet constant access to the outside doesn’t have to come at the expense of your comfort. Our draft-proof cat flaps will maintain the airtight seal that keeps your HVAC-treated air inside and thus your monthly energy bill low.

Pet Door Supplies

We are one of the UK’s premier pet door suppliers. Our range of products are engineered for ease of use, thermal efficiency and durability.

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