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When the time comes to replace your house glazing call us. Our range of replacement windows will brighten up the exterior of any house.

Residential Glazing Services

We provide a comprehensive range of residential glazing services for homeowners all over the UK. Whether you’re beginning a new build or renovating the glazing of an existing property, we’ve got the expertise to help you get the most out of your investment. Our products are rated for safety, performance, aesthetics and price, and we’re sure our selection contains an attractive option for nearly any application.

Window Installation


We offer a full complement of glazing options for residential conservatories. No matter the style or fit of your conservatory, we’ve got the product for you.

Single Glazing

Single glazing is seen in a vast variety of residential applications, and our products are ideal to serve them all.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is stronger and more thermally efficient than its single-glazed counterpart. When used in windows and doors, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your comfort and energy bill.

Air & Gas Vents

Need a glazing solution that features vents for air and gas to escape? We have got you covered with our comprehensive range of residential solutions.

French Windows

With advanced engineering and tasteful design, French casement windows are a luxurious option for homeowners. We have the specialised expertise needed to install and maintain your investment.

Draft Proofing

Drafty windows can negatively impact the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. We will help you seal off your windows and doors to keep the outside air out.

Replacement Windows

No matter the style or configuration of your window, we have a suitable replacement window available in our inventory. We offer high-quality replacements at a variety of price points.

Glass Balconies

Looking to install a glass balcony into your home? Let us help you pick it out and handle the hard work of installation with confidence.

Glass Supplies

Glass fits a vast variety of household applications, and we are here to fulfil that demand with high-quality products. We are one of the UK’s leading glass suppliers.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass can greatly change the quality of the light entering your home. Protect yourself from excess heat, glare, UV rays and even the wander eyes of passers-by with our tinted glass solutions!

Sash Cord & Window Repairs

If your windows have sash cords, we can help you re-rope them to function as new. Of course, if you’re looking for an upgrade, we’ve got you covered as well.

Aluminium windows Fitted

Aluminium replacement windows offer numerous advantages at their price point, and can be successfully fitted into most homes. You can rely on us to get your upgrade done with efficiency and skill.

Leaded Light Windows

Often associated with stained glass windows in churches, leaded light windows provide homeowners with a flexible option to showcase their unique style and taste.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass removes some of the danger of a shattered window, which normally sends sharp shards flying. For safety-focused customers, this is an ideal option to protect their family and guests.

Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades allow you to partition and border your interior space while maintaining a sleek and minimal visual aesthetic. We are one of the UK’s leading providers of bespoke glass balustrades for homes.

Velux Windows

Our Velux-trained window technicians are able to install and repair specialised Velux windows in homes. Transform your hallway, stairway or loft with the expansive aesthetic of natural light!

Pilkington “K” Glass

Heating your home is an expensive task that doesn’t need to be borne solely by your HVAC system. Pilkington “K” glass is a low-emissivity glazing solution that provides impressive benefits to the thermal efficiency of your home.


Need a bespoke mirror designed and installed? We have the facilities needed to bring your vision to life.

Remove & Refit Glass

When you’ve made the decision to upgrade your glazing, you’ll most often need to have the old glass removed. We will handle the labour and refit your new glazing with skill and efficiency.

Patterned Glass

Patterned glass can provide a stunning visual cue to complement the look and feel of your home, along with enhanced thermal and privacy benefits. We offer a full range of options to suit your preferences.

Glass Replacement

No matter what glass it is in your house that needs replacing, we have the perfect solution for you. Our inventory of bespoke glass options will enhance your home’s comfort and efficiency.

Fire-rated Glass

This glass is known for its abilities to resist prolonged exposure to and the spread of open flame. It also breaks up in a controlled manner so as not to present a broken glass hazard.

Sky Lights

Are you looking for a glazing solution to bring light to an interior room or open up the feel of a loft? Our range of skylights can be fitted to nearly any home to great aesthetic effect.

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True to our name, we provides our customers with easy access to prompt professional glazing services around the clock. When you call us out for an emergency, we will waste no time despatching our team to affect a repair onsite.


Each member of the team has undergone stringent training in order to ensure our customers receive the best service their money can buy. As a result, you’ll find that our workmen are knowledgeable in their field, and able to competently carry out any task required of them.

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No matter where you live in the UK, when you call us you can count on our team arriving onsite within an hour. Please allow an additional 15 minutes to compensate for inevitable traffic congestion during certain times of day.


Our team places your needs first. We empower you to make educated decisions about how to proceed with your maintenance or installation, so you can rest easier knowing that you’ve gotten the best value for money.

Fair Prices

We firmly believe that all business should be conducted above board and transparently. That’s why we offer fixed prices and no hidden cancellation fees.