Window Repairs & Installations Across the UK

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Broken windows happen. When they do, you can rely on us for your window repairs. Our glazing repairs experts will ensure that your new window looks just as good as your old windows did.

Residential Window Repair Services

We are the UK’s leading supplier of replacement windows for residential customers. Whether your windows have fallen victim to the passage of time or something more immediately forceful like a storm or burglary, you can count on us to get them back like new. We offer comprehensive repair and replacement services to complement our sales, so you can be assured of a thorough solution to your residential glazing needs.

Silicone sealant being applied to windows

Conservatory Repairs

We help you maintain the comfort of your conservatory glazing by offering a comprehensive range of specialised repair services. Let the light in and keep the weather out!

Glass Repairs

No matter the configuration or type of glazing, we’ve got the equipment and experience to affect swift and efficient repairs. From doors to windows to balustrades and more, we handle all glazing repairs with confidence.

Double Glazing Repairs

Double glazing offers numerous benefits over traditional single panes of glass, including durability, but they still require maintenance from time to time. We have the specialised expertise needed to guarantee that your double glazing remains in great shape for years to come.

Air & Gas Vent Repairs

The ventilation in your walls, windows and doors is crucial for keeping the air inside your home fresh and safe. When it falls into disrepair, call on us to affect expert maintenance and replacements.

Window Handle Repairs

The handles on your windows see a lot of usage, and may eventually wear out and break. Fear not! We’ve got a full range of handles to fit any window, so you can regain its use in no time.

Glass Roof Repair

Whether your roof has glass fixtures installed or is entirely glass, we know how to repair and maintain it. You can count on us to fix leaks, drafts, cracks, fading and much more.

Replacement Windows

Even with an expert window repair team on your side, eventually your old windows may need to be replaced. We have a multitude of high-efficiency options for sale, and will help you install your purchase as well.

Burglary Repairs

Your windows are often the preferred entry point for burglars, and may become casualties of their forceful entry. We are here to help you repair the damage left behind, and even reinforce your windows and doors against further attacks.


While glazing is our primary area of expertise, we also perform all the carpentry needed to accommodate new doors, windows, balustrades and more. We can also repair damage to woodwork with confidence.


The locks on your windows are an important part of your home defence system. When they become damaged or worn out, call on us to sell and install a new locking system. We also offer rekeying services.

Sash Cord & Windows Repairs

Our window repair services extend to sash cords as well. After we replace the cord, we will reassemble the new or repaired window so that it fits seamlessly into your home.

Glazing Repairs

We are the UK’s leading source for professional glazing repairs. Regardless of the configuration of your glazing, we have the experience and equipment to affect a durable repair.

uPVC Window Repairs

uPVC windows offer many performance benefits, but may still require repairs during their service life. We have the specialised expertise needed to repair all uPVC windows like new.

Toughened Glass Replaced

While toughened or tempered glass is engineered for strength, when it does break it usually requires a complete replacement. We are well equipped to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Glass Balustrade Replacement

Has your balustrade begun to show its age? Call on us for bespoke replacement options and services.

Velux Window Repairs

You can count on our Velux-trained workmen to help keep your skylights in perfect condition. No matter your configuration, we can affect repairs with confidence.

Window Openers & Latches

We offer a full range of replacement window openers and latches for homeowners to choose from. Whether you’re in the market for a new product or just need your existing openers and latches repaired, get in touch with us.

Window Lock Repairs

Your windows are among your first line of defence against unwanted entry. Make sure they’re up to the task by keeping your window locks in good repair with our help.

Mirror Repairs

Regardless of the shape or size of your mirror, we can help repair it like new. Who says you have to live with 7 years of bad luck?

Patio Door Repairs

Your sliding glass doors likely see a lot of use, which means they can fall victim to the effects of age and wear. Call on us to get your patio doors back on track and looking their best.

Patterned Glass Replacement

We offer a wide range of replacement options for patterned glass. Whatever your tastes or budget, we’re confident we can satisfy your needs.

Glass replacement

Glass appears all over the household in a variety of applications, all of which may require a replacement at some point. We have got you covered with the most comprehensive range of glazing solutions available UK-wide.

Georgian Wired Glass

Perhaps counterintuitively, wired glass is engineered to resist heat and flames more so than impact. It can become damaged by both, however, which is why we’re here to provide complete repair and replacement services.

Skylight Repairs

Have you noticed that your skylight doesn’t see to let as much light in as it used to? It may need maintenance! Rely on us to get the job done right.

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True to our name, we provides our customers with easy access to prompt professional glazing services around the clock. When you call us out for an emergency, we will waste no time despatching our team to affect a repair onsite.


Each member of the team has undergone stringent training in order to ensure our customers receive the best service their money can buy. As a result, you’ll find that our workmen are knowledgeable in their field, and able to competently carry out any task required of them.

Quick Onsite

No matter where you live in the UK, when you call us you can count on our team arriving onsite within an hour. Please allow an additional 15 minutes to compensate for inevitable traffic congestion during certain times of day.


Our team places your needs first. We empower you to make educated decisions about how to proceed with your maintenance or installation, so you can rest easier knowing that you’ve gotten the best value for money.

Fair Prices

We firmly believe that all business should be conducted above board and transparently. That’s why we offer fixed prices and no hidden cancellation fees.