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Single-storey Extension Ideas

Building a single storey extension
Building a single storey extension

Single-storey extensions are perfect for those who want to add value and save money. They can be the perfect solution for opening up a kitchen, adding a study, or even adding a spare guest bedroom.

If you were considering adding the extension as a way to access the property then you should definitely think about having a composite front door

Many people prefer to opt for single-storey extensions as they are unlikely to require planning permission, which is ideal for a project with minimal fuss.

So, if you’re currently browsing through colour swatches and taking measurements, here are some ideas for your extension.

Open plan living space

Single Storey Extension

This style of living blurs the line between the indoors and the outdoors. Instead of having a set of narrow, uPVC patio doors made to measure, the panes of glass have the option of opening out fully to create a semi-indoor semi-outdoor space.

This is perfect for long summer evenings if you like spending the rest of the day in the comfort of an armchair but still enjoying the fresh air.

The cost of this is a bit pricier, but it could be well worth it if you have a large area to work with, and you live for entertaining others throughout the year.

Self-contained cottage

The possibilities of an extension are limitless if you have the space and budget. You could, in fact, expand your single-storey extension to create a self-contained residence.

Adding a kitchen, bedroom and living quarters could make you the ultimate host for any guests who want to stay over.

It’s also perfect if you love to host a party, as you’ll not only be able to put guests up, but also have an entirely separate entertaining area.

Garage conversion

Garage Conversion

If you have a particularly large garage you never use, then this has the potential for a conversion.

If you desperately need the space, and you already have a parking space you utilise instead, then adapting your garage into a single-storey extension could be an incredibly clever way of harnessing what you already have.

Many people use their old garage space as a kitchen-diner, as this opens up the possibility for a large dining space that opens out into the garden.

A separate garden room

Garden Rooms

Who said an extension had to be attached to your home? Garden rooms are a bit of an abstract use of space, as they add an extra room, but in the midst of your outdoor space.

These could be great for hosting spaces, or maybe even a guest room if you have room for a little self-contained living space.

Adding a kitchen area could liven up your summer party festivities, and if its less than 50% of the floor size of your original home, you won’t need planning permission.

A single-storey extension, if planned well, could completely avoid the need for planning permission at all.

They could add some much-needed space to your home, and give you some air-flow throughout the home.

Whether you convert a garage, build a separate building or add onto your current home is completely up to you, but you will love the additional space that comes with building an extension.